What Is Exceeda®?

Exceeda® is a special formula that meets if not exceeds the US Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIS) of protein, vitamins & minerals and can help catch up normal growth.

Exceeda® is a lactose free formula that comes in two irresistible flavors, chocolate and vanilla.

Who is it Designed For?

  • For children aged one to ten
  • For children who fail to thrive and those with malnutrition problems 
  • For children who tend to skip breakfast 
  • For children who are enrolled in physical activities and require a high and fast source of energy
  • For children who suffer from anorexia and poor appetite
  • For children who are recovering from illness and trauma and need good nutrition
  • For children that have chewing or swallowing difficulties or are recovering from surgery and can’t swallow and eat solid food yet. Exceeda® can be fed through a tube with almost no residue.
  • Children with nutritional risk due to medical conditions.
  • Children who suffer from neophobia (fear of trying new foods)

How Can Exceeda® Benefit My Child?

  • Exceeda® provides complete and balanced nutrition designed to meet or exceed 100% of the US Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) for protein, vitamins and minerals
  • The full range of vitamins and minerals, Exceeda® contains, ensures healthy growth and development (including ensuring healthy functions of bones, eyes, heart, teeth, oral health, brain, immune system etc.)
  • Contains an easy to digest protein, to be able to meet protein needs and to provide essential amino acids for optimal growth, maintain optimal muscle mass and for better immune response.
  • Enriched with prebiotics [Fructo-oligosacharides (FOS)] that Improve growth of good bacteria (bifidogenic), to support immunity and reduce the incidence of constipation. FOS also enhances the absorption of minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium thus maintaining mineral density and bone strength.
  • Its special fat profile enriched with omega 3 and omega 6 supports nutrient absorption and ensures optimal mental development and plays a role in maintaining the function of the eyes.
  • Contains a dual carbohydrate mixture (sucrose and maltodextrine) that not only improves palatability and acceptance, but to promote optimal digestion, absorption and supply of energy.
  • Exceeda® contains high energy yield (1 kcal per 1 ml), and so meets the increased caloric needs of children enrolled in physical activities. Exceeda is considered as a quick source of energy.
  • Exceeda® works on increasing the appetite of children.