Feeding 1-3 Year Old Toddlers

What Food Can My Child Eat At This Age?

At this age, your child is allowed to eat from the same food you are serving for other family members. Keep in mind the following tips when feeding your toddler:


  • Cut food into small pieces that suits your toddler’s mouth size and ability to chew and swallow.
  • Supervise your child at all times when eating.
    Some foods can cause choking (e.g. popcorn, raw vegetables and hard fruits, grapes, raisins, nuts and candies).
  • Offer different tastes and textures
  • Avoid addition of salt.
  • Avoid fast foods (which are by the way loaded with salt)
  • Offer fresh food rather than processed food
  • Offer foods that contain healthy fat
  • Minimize offering sweets.
  • Continue to test for allergies [Hyperlink – Allergy Concerns]

Growth Rate & Appetite Drop

At this age, it is normal for a child’s appetite [Hyprlink] to drop. This is because toddlers need less calories due to slowed growth rate. This does not mean that nutrition is not important.

Read more about loss of appetite, its risks and how to overcome it: Loss of Appetite [Hyperink]

How Many Meals Does My Child Need At This Age?

It is advised to divide the meals into main meals and snacks. Offer 3 main meals and 2-3 healthy snacks in between.