The following is a rough guideline to what your Toddler may achieve. Children may reach different milestones at different paces.

13 Months – 18 Months:

By the time your toddler reaches 18 months, he/she should be able to:

Social, Behavior & Reasoning:

  • Understand and respond to simple instructions
  • When angry throws a tantrum
  • Dance
  • Enjoys doing things independently like drinking from a cup, using spoon, trying to get dressed and undressed.
  • Enjoy bottle feeding a toy


  • Walk without assistance
  • Use the stairs with help
  • Climbs over furniture
  • Turn book pages
  • Picks objects from the floor when standing
  • Kick a ball
  • Plays with blocks
  • Can independently drink from a cup
  • Use spoon
  • Scribble using colors


  • Says up to 10 words
  • Comprehends 50 something words
  • Recognizes names of familiar people
  • Recognizes the name of some objects
  • Recognizes the name of some body parts


  • By 18 months your toddler might start showing their molars.
    Read more about teething [Hyperlink]

Sleep Schedule:

  • Your toddler starts showing a routine in their sleep.
    Read more: Sleep [Hyperlink]


19 Months – 24 Months:

Social, Behavior & Reasoning:

  • Comprehends instructions
  • Comprehends questions
  • Copy-cat others
  • Start playing with other kids
  • Able to self soothe, takes parents less effort to calm their toddler
  • Still shows some separation anxiety
  • Enjoys different toys, musical toys, swings…


  • Shows extra balance when playing
  • Uses both hands to play
  • Throws a ball and tries to catch


  • Names more than 5 body parts
  • Makes a short sentence
  • Says 50 words
  • Parents start understanding their toddler’s language.

25 Months – 36 Months (2 Years – 3 Years):

Social, Behavior & Reasoning:

  • Shows interest in playing in groups
  • Makes eye contact with others with interest
  • No longer puts toys in mouth
  • Enjoys messy activities
  • Enjoys story time
  • Enjoys swings
  • Enjoys pretend games
  • Enjoys toys of varied shapes, textures and colors
  • Begin to recognize color and shape
  • Shows interest in doing things independently like getting dressed, washing hands, brushing teeth and bathing.
  • Can find toys or objects that are hidden
  • Imitate others
  • Separation anxiety start dropping and fades by 3 years
  • Starts developing independence and defiance behaviours
  • Follows simple instructions
  • Able to self soothe

Motor Skills:

  • At 2 years:
    • Begins to run
    • Able to stand on tip toes
    • Uses the stairs
    • Maintain balance when playing, bumped or when walking on uneven surfaces
    • Shows increased fine motor skills (hands and fingers) when playing and picking small objects and coloring.
  • By 3 years:
    • Walk the starts up and down with alternating steps
    • Can flip book pages one by one
    • Puts clothes on and off
    • Brushes teeth with help
    • Washes hand with minimum help
    • Draws a line
    • Able to build a big tower using blocks


  • Say their name and familiar people names
  • Says more than 300 words by 3 years
  • Can say a sentence of 5 words by 3 years
  • Speaks clearly
  • Able to have a short conversation

Understands opposites (big/small)