Emotional & Intellectual Tips:

  • Express your love to your toddler
  • Encourage independence by letting your child to choose
  • Praise your toddler to boost his/her self esteem
  • Choose your words carefully (don’t harm your toddler with your words)
  • Don’t criticize
  • Read books and sing to your toddler
  • Play with your toddler
  • Expose your toddler to different environments.
  • Allow your toddler to explore (with caution)
  • Make conversations with your child
  • Follow routine (bedtime, mealtime)
  • Listen to your toddler
  • Set a good example
  • Keep your toddler away from any family issues

Discipline & Behavioral Tips:

  • Praising your toddler for the good things he/she does
  • Ignore their tantrums (secretly supervise him/her)
  • Use your words carefully
  • Give your toddler timeouts (timeouts should be as long as their age in minutes)
  • Explain to your toddler the consequences of mistake they did
  • Be consistent with your discipline
  • Set limits an rules and don’t say ‘no’ to everything

Safety Tips

  • Supervise your child all the time (when eating, bathing, swimming, playing, coloring…)
  • Proof the house.
  • Explain to your toddler about danger (not to touch sharp objects, not to stick pencil in the eye or mouth, stay away from window, eat while sitting, not to touch your coffee…etc)
  • Check toys often for loose or broken parts.
  • Don’t hold hot drinks while your child is sitting on your lap.
  • Use a car seat and buckle your toddler up.

Health Tips

  • Look for healthy food options.
  • Be a good example when picking your own food
  • Don’t use sweets to reward your toddler
  • Make mealtime a family thing
  • When preparing food make sure that your hands are washed and that you are using clean utensils
  • Store food in the fridge. Ready-to-eat food 2 hours can be kept outside the fridge for cooling.
  • Avoid using unpasteurized milk and dairy products.
  • Heat leftovers one time after cooling.
  • Wash carefully fruits and vegetables.
  • Clean meat and poultry well.
  • Thaw food in microwave or in refrigerator
  • Food thawed in microwave should be cooked directly after thawing.
  • Allow your toddler to choose between to options already approved by you
  • Allow your toddler to help you in small, easy and safe cooking sessions (eg. mixing cake ingredients)

Other Tips:

  • Limit screen time