Quality Commitment

Our extensive research and development program has developed a range of milks that mimic breastmilk as closely as possible. For babies under 6 months, our starter formula provides high protein for optimal growth while our 6-12 month formula meets the need for increased calories, calcium, iron and protein as well as encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria. Our growing up formula for 1-4 years is different again – providing balanced calories and nutrients and lactoferrin to increase iron bioavailability.

For those babies with feeding problems we have developed specific solutions for lactose intolerance, constipation, regurgitation, colic, atopic disease, cow’s milk allergy and picky eating disorders as well as ready-to-feed preparations for newborns and premature babies.

Our R&D program is ongoing. We will continue to engage in exacting analysis and seek a clear understanding of problems in order to develop unique and innovative nutritional solutions to benefit mothers and babies the world over.

Ronesca understands the importance of quality in the manufacturing of infant nutrition products and insists on applying the highest possible standards at every stage of the manufacturing process from ingredients to final packaging.

Milk powders and ready-to-feed products are made in state-of the-art facilities in France and Germany using the latest technology to maintain consistent quality.

We are committed to offering the best possible final product. In order to achieve this objective, the Quality Control team has devised very strict and rigorous standards in all production and pre-productions stages. This includes:

  • Adoption of spray-drying process rather than dry-mixing process. This ensures that our final products have a higher homogenuousity, higher bioavailability and thus smoother tolerability to the digestive system. 

  • The furthest farm from our production operation is less than 20KM. We avoid bulk purchasing, storage of milk, re-packing in other facilities overseas, sourcing dry milk in bulk from across the globe; all in the aim of having the freshest and highest quality standards. 

  • Highly rigorous testing that exceeds the industry standards. We implement 8 QC checkpoints across the production stages vs. an industry standard of 4 checks. We also have a portable test kit to test each batch collected from each farm at the time of collection. Our QC is so rigorous that we literally consume 6% of all final products for testing purposes, versus an industry standard of 1%. 

  • Ronesca® maintains world class standards with products and processes conforming to ESPGHAN, FDA, CODEX, SASO, ISO 9001 and 22000. Ronesca products are guaranteed to be free from any Genetically Modified Organisms or ingredients. 

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are observed and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system maintained throughout our factories. Ingredients are sourced only from accredited suppliers and materials are inspected at every stage with packing performed under high-hygienically controlled environment. 

  • We test each batch of our products and have a network of independent laboratories to double-check our own QA. Each product that leaves our factories has a code that identifies the batch and key information right down to the farm and the cow that the original milk came from. 

  • Packing is performed under a high hygiene environment to guarantee nutritional properties throughout the product’s shelf-life. Each line is dedicated to an individual product and thoroughly cleaned before any change
  • Quality control also includes taste testing – we want our products to be acceptable to babies - tasting good as well as being of the highest quality. 

  • We source all our raw materials from GMP and ISO22000 accredited manufacturers. 

We also ensure that the sources that our manufacturing suppliers deal with, all adhere to GMP and ISO 22000.

  • Last but not least, our quality control also includes taste testing. Our milks have to be acceptable to baby – tasting good as well as being of the highest quality. Anything less won’t do.