Who We Are?

We are driven by our passion of offering the best possible product, because we know our customers trust us to provide the best to the closest people to their hearts.

That’s why we go all the length to ensure that we offer the best quality, we source our cow’s milk from farms in France and Germany that are less than 20 minutes from the manufacturing facility. And we source all the fresh ingredients that you’d expect in Ronesca’s products from the finest sources available.

Ronesca is established in France. We are experts in nurturing families and are proud of being one of the biggest companies exporting infant milk from France, and proud of the number of families that we have served.

We specialize in product engineering, ingredients sourcing and monitoring of production standards. Ronesca aspires to expand its reach with selective partners to new territories, and grow our quality offerings to new Consumer categories.

We are a family owned corporation which makes passion and ambition our drivers.